Bow Wow Bliss began its commitment to grooming furry friends in August 2011. We are proud to offer products that are naturally derived and Eco-friendly; better for your pet and better for the Earth.

We pride ourselves in offering our services on an appointment basis. No more dropping your pet off for 4 hours at a grooming salon, only to have them spend the majority of the time in a crate. Here at Bow Wow Bliss, we schedule your pets service the same way that you would schedule one for yourself. We hand wash, hand dry and groom by appointment.

This means that we will give you a pick up time upon dropping off your pet or simply give you a courtesy call when they have completed their pampering and are ready to return home. Our furry friends never spend time in a crate, so long as they are safe and social. Our guests have reported that their pet's run into our salon for grooming, unlike other big box groomers that they have gone too. When entering our salon, the feel is much like a doggie daycare, as our friends are free to roam and romp around with one another, as they are awaiting their appointment or their ride home. Come and see us at Bow Wow Bliss and experience the difference...You will see that tails are always wagging!

about usAbout Us

Heather, owner of Bow Wow Bliss, and Jen, lead groomer, were lucky to meet one another in 2011 just as Heather was beginning the journey to open BWB. Jen was looking to get away from the chain grooming salons that did not align with her mission and commitment to the pets that she groomed and Heather was looking for a caring, compassionate and experienced groomer with a heart of gold. She wanted to partner with someone who was just as passionate and caring about pets, as she was. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jen began her work with animals at the early age of 15, while working for a veterinary office and helping in the dog kennels. There was never a question that she would make a career out of surrounding herself with furry friends. Jen has also gained experience working in pet stores and committing to rescue work. She currently volunteers for ACCT Philly, bottle feeding and raising orphaned kittens and finding loving homes for them when they are ready to be adopted.

Jen is proud to offer her 15 years of experience with our friends at BWB. She loves being able to work one on one with your best friend, whereby making their grooming experience a positive one. She listens to our customers and the needs of their pets. Heather calls her the "dog whisperer". She has a soothing, loving way with pets, that they seem to understand and respond too. Call BWB today for your best friends next grooming appointment. We look forward to getting to know you and your pets, for many years to come!

our servicesOur Services
Dog Grooming Services
(includes bath, cut, nails and ears)
  • Dachshund, Jack Russell, Chihuahua, English Bulldog ~ $40+
  • Yorkie, Maltese, Cavalier, Long Hair Jack Russell ~ $45+
  • Cairn Terrier, Wire Coat Jack Russell ~ $55+
  • Pomeranian, Lhasa, Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu ~ $55+
  • Shelties, Scotties, Schnauzers ~ $65+
  • Eskimo Spitz, Bichon, Spaniels, Cockapoo, Aust. Shep, Mini Poodle ~ $65+
  • Pointers, Labs, Wimers, Rotties ~ $55+
  • Goldens, Airdales, Shephards, Wheatons, Huskies ~ $70+
  • Collies, Keeshond ~ $75+
  • Malamute, Porties, Chow ~ $90+
  • Newfoundland, Saints, Great Pyrenees, Bernese, Sheepdog ~ $95+
  • Doodles & Standard Poodle ~ $95+
Cat Grooming Services
  • Bath & Nails ~~ Short Hair $40+ ~~ Long Hair $50+
  • Full Groom ~~ Short Hair $60+ ~~ Long Hair $65+
  • Dry Cut ~~ Short Hair $55+ ~~ Long Hair $60+
Additional Services
  • Dog/Cat Nail Trim ~ $10
  • Nail Grinding ~ $10+
  • Teeth Brushing ~ $10
  • Express Gland ~ $12
  • Feet & Nails Trim ~ $20
  • Face Trim ~ $8
  • Bunny, Guinea, Ferret Nail Trim ~ $8
  • Behaviorally Challenged Fee ~ $10+
  • Brushout ~ $10/15min
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment ~ $10+
  • Flea Buster ~ $20+
  • Ear Cleaning ~ $5

*Additional Fees may apply for:
Long, thick or matted coats
Behaviorally challenged furry friends
Friends remaining at the salon 15 min past scheduled pick-up ($7/15 min.)
hours and locationHours and Location